Norwich Joins the Healthy Cities Network

Norwich Joins the Healthy Cities Network

‘Healthy Norwich’ is an exciting new project launched in February 2013 for everyone in the city and it’s surrounding area. Becoming a healthy city means working together on all of the things which improve people’s health and wellbeing, including ensuring everyone has a good start in life, higher educational attainment, greater employment prospects, better housing conditions, and good transport facilities.

The latest public health data shows Norwich fares significantly worse than England and the rest of Norfolk in relation to a number of key health and wellbeing profile indicators. Healthy City status will enable the development of partnership projects to promote the health and wellbeing of Norwich in the future.

There are seven main themes to the program in Norwich:

  • Physical activity – improving awareness of the benefits of an active lifestyle, and improving access to activities in the city.
  • Diet, nutrition, and healthy weight – supporting people to make healthier food choices, and providing services to people seeking to achieve a healthy weight.
  • Education, training, and employment – recognising that the socio economic status of individuals impacts upon health and wellbeing; seeking to reduce the numbers not in education, training, and employment and promote the “living wage” for those in employment ; working with the education and employment sectors to raise awareness of health issues, and reduce sickness absence.
  • Sexual health – promoting safe sex, providing local and confidential sexual health services, and reducing sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancies.
  • Smoking, alcohol, and drug misuse – helping people to stop smoking through the provision of local smoking cessation services, and reducing drug and alcohol misuse.
  • Health screening and prevention – improving access to screening opportunities, and encouraging people at risk of future ill-health to participate in regular health screening.
  • A healthy urban environment – making health and wellbeing a key consideration in urban planning, housing, and transport for the city.

You can help make Norwich a healthier city by getting involved in one of our projects.

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