Young Urban Growers

YUG – challenging the idea that gardening is only for old people

Working with a group of young people, the Young Urban Growers (YUG) team based in the rear garden at the Norwich Wellbeing Centre will train participants not only in growing their own fruit, herbs and vegetables, but to also create a number of YUG markets where they will sell their own produce to the public. Selling at the YUG markets will be open to all local young people that have grown their own produce at home or as part of their school projects.Throughout the project the YUG team are keen to support participants in;

  • sharing their skills and experiences with others and
  • developing entrepreneurial skills.

This exciting project supported by the ‘Healthy Norwich’ campaign will allow young people to play a central role in transforming attitudes towards our local food supply, diet and nutrition, and promoting an active and engaged lifestyle for the benefit of the whole community.